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Intro Syllabus F10

Intro Syllabus F10 - University of Pittsburgh Department of...

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University of Pittsburgh - Department of Psychology PSY 0010 INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY (CRN 13006) FALL 2010 Day/Time : Monday and Wednesday 3:00 – 4:15 pm Place : 120 David Lawrence Hall Textbook : King, Laura A. (2008). The Science of Psychology: An Appreciative View . McGraw-Hill Course website : http://courseweb.pitt.edu (courseweb# 2111-13006) Research website: http://experimetrix.com/pitt Instructor : Dr. Barbara Kucinski TA : Catharine Fairbairn Office : 4215 Sennott Square Office : 4709 Sennott Square Phone : 412.624.4539 Phone : 412.624.8975 Email : [email protected] Email : [email protected] Office Hours : Tuesday 4:30 – 7:30 pm Office Hours: Tuesday 12 – 2 pm Wednesday 5 – 7 pm Friday 12 - 1 pm Undergrad TA: Dovile Usaites and by appointment during other day/time Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Thursday 3:30-5:30 pm Location: 3508 Sennott Square *************************************************************************************** *** Date Topic Chapters August 30 Syllabus Review and Introduction to the Course September 1 What is Psychology? 1 September 6 Labor Day (no class – have fun!) September 8 Research Methods in Psychology 2 September 13, 15, 20 Biopsychology 3 September 22, 27 Health Psychology 16 September 29 EXAM 1 October 4, 6 Principles of Learning 7 October 11 Fall Break no classes (Monday classes meet on Tuesday) October 12, 13 Cognitive Psychology: Memory 8 October 18, 20 Cognitive Psychology: Thinking 9 October 25 EXAM 2 Oct 27; Nov 1 Developmental Psychology 4 November 3, 8 Personality 11 November 10, 15, 17 Social Psychology 12 November 22 EXAM 3 November 24 Thanksgiving break (no class – have fun!) Nov 29; Dec 1, 6 Clinical Disorders and Therapies 14 & 15 December 8 EXAM 4 1 of 6
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************************************************************************************ **** FRIENDS IN CLASS Make a friend in class and exchange contact information. In the event that you miss class and want a copy of the notes, please contact your friend. If you have questions regarding your friend’s notes, please see me or Catharine. Be sure to bring the notes with you so that we can help you fill in gaps and provide additional explanation. ___________________________________ _______________ __________________________ Name Phone Email ___________________________________ _______________ __________________________ Name Phone Email ___________________________________ _______________ __________________________ Name Phone Email ************************************************************************************ **** GENERAL COURSE REQUIREMENTS & INFORMATION By remaining in this class, you have agreed to the exam schedule and terms as specified in this syllabus. So please be sure to read the syllabus carefully Please be courteous and respectful of all in the class. I will treat you with courtesy and respect, and I expect the same from you towards me and, more importantly, towards your fellow students. This means - please turn off cells phone when class begins (i.e., do not make nor answer calls; do not send texts) - do not hold conversations during class because talking is disruptive to students around you - when asking or answering questions, speak loudly and clearly so that I and many students can hear you - the room is very large so please raise your hand high and wave to catch my attention (calling out “Question” or “Excuse me” also works well) If you are struggling and need help with the course material, do not hesitate to see me for help early in the term. There is nothing that can be done at the end of the term after you have taken all the exams.
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Intro Syllabus F10 - University of Pittsburgh Department of...

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