Classical Conditioning Activity F10

Classical Conditioning Activity F10 - Activity Identify the...

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Unformatted text preview: Activity: Identify the US, CS, UR and CR Read through the examples below and then identify the US, CS, UR, and CR in each of the examples. 1. Pamela is walking her child at the mall and a lady walks by and stops to see the baby. The lady has a shiny, noisy bangle of bracelets that are the same as the ones Pamela wears. When the lady reaches down to pat the baby on the head, the bangles make noise and the baby starts suckling noises. US = CS = UR = CR = 2. Scott’s dog waits every afternoon in the front room for Scott to come home. He knows when he hears the garage door open, Scott will come in and take him out for a walk. One evening Scott leaves to go get something at the grocery store. As he is leaving, he hits the garage door opener and the dog starts running around like crazy. US = CS = UR = CR = 3. Every other day, Tabetha’s cat gets wet cat food. Tabetha uses the electric can opener to open the can of food. The cat gets so excited because she loves wet cat food. One morning, Tabetha’s mother is of food....
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