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PSY 0010: LECTURE OBJECTIVES AND OUTLINE – FALL 2010 LECTURE: Developmental Psychology Objectives : Terms and concepts to learn development and developmental psychology Piaget’s theory of cognitive development nature vs nuture four stages in Piaget's theory Erikson’s theory of socioemotional development assimilation eight stages in Erikson's theory (childhood thru adulthood) accommodation autonomy object permanence psychosocial crisis mental representation resolution of psychosocial crisis symbolic representation attachment in infancy egocentrism temperament operations identity development conservation identity status emerging adulthood crystallized and fluid intelligence successful marriage principles
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Unformatted text preview: Outline I. Childhood A. Cognitive development (Piaget) 1. sensorimotor 2. preoperational 3. concrete operational B. Socioemotional development (Erikson) 1. Trust vs mistrust 2. Autonomy vs shame & doubt 3. Initiative vs guilt 4. industry vs inferiority C. Attachment in infancy (Harlow) II. Adolescence A. Cognitive development (Piaget)- formal operational A. Identity development- identity vs identity confusion B. Identity status III. Adult Development A. Emerging adulthood B. Cognition in adulthood C. Erikson’s adult stages 1. Intimacy vs isolation 2. Generativity vs stagnation 3. Integrity vs despair D. Marriage...
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