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PSY 0010: LECTURE OBJECTIVES AND OUTLINE – FALL 2010 LECTURE: Cognitive Psychology - Memory Objectives : Terms and concepts to learn attention sensory memory memory working memory encoding short term memory storage long term memory retrieval memory spans rehearsal iconic and echoic memory elaboration explicit memory (declarative) imagery episodic and semantic memory levels of processing theory implicit memory (nondeclarative) Atkinson-Shiffrin memory model priming chunks and chunking proactive and retroactive interference schema Ebbinghaus' curve of forgetting network (connectionism)
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Unformatted text preview: decay theory hierarchies brain areas and types of memories stored serial position effect hippocampus recall and recognition retrograde and anterograde amnesia Outline I. What is Memory? A. Sensory and working memory B. Short term memory C. Long term memory II. Memory Encoding and Storage A. Levels of processing B. Rehearsal C. Serial position effect III. Long Term Memory and Retrieval A. Procedural memory B. Declarative memory 1. Episodic memory 2. Semantic memory IV. Forgetting A. Interference theory B. Decay theory C. Amnesia...
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