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hip Hop Wars 2nd Half - Copy - 6 Just Keepin It Real...

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6 “Just Keepin’ It Real” Talking openly about undesirable / hard-to-bear truths about urban street life. 5 Urgent Problems with This Defense 1) It refers to an ever-narrowing slice of black ghetto street life; 2) The constant commercial promotion of thugs, hustlers, pimps & hoes reflects and promotes this aspect of street life; 3) *It denies the immense CORPORATE influence on Hip Hop’s Storytelling; 4) It contributes to the idea that black street life is black culture itself; 5) By reflecting images of black people as colorful and violent criminals, drug dealers, and sex fiends, this defense is intended to protect the profit stream such images have generated; at the same time, however, it crowds out other notions of what it means to be black and reinforces the most powerful racist and sexist images of black people. 7 “Just Keepin’ It Real” See definition (pp. 151-2) for SEXISM -- with Race adding special dimension historically. Top 5 Songs on 5/13/08 1) “Lollipop”, by rapper Lil’ Wayne 3) “What You Got”, by Colby O’Donis and rapper Akon 4) “The Boss”, by rappers Rick Ross and T-Pain 5) “Hypnotized”, by rapper Gemini
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Sexism bigger than Hip Hop … Rose calls for grasping this as an Opportunity to address Sexism. 8 “Bitches ain’t nothing but hoes and tricks.” Snoop Dogg Chorus of Dr. Dre’s, Bitches Ain’t Shit. The Chronic
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hip Hop Wars 2nd Half - Copy - 6 Just Keepin It Real...

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