NATS 101 Syllabus for D2L wJJR comments

NATS 101 Syllabus for D2L wJJR comments - SYLLABUS...

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SYLLABUS  University of Arizona Spring Semester 2008 Course website: Number: Natural Sciences (NATS) 101 Title: Introduction to Environmental Science Units: 3 Full Class Meeting (FCM) Location and Times: Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays Time: 4:00 to 4:50 p.m. Location:  Manuel Pacheco Integrated Learning Center 120 Activity Session Location and Times: Days: Tuesdays   through Friday Time: 50 minute session (attend one of eight sessions throughout week) Description of Course:  An overview of the key concepts in physical and chemical processes, including Newton's laws governing force and motion, the laws of thermodynamics governing energy and entropy, the role of electromagnetism in nature, and the atomic structure of matter. The course will explore these concepts in an inter- disciplinary context, drawing from areas such as physics, chemistry, soil science, biology, atmospheric science, engineering/technological sciences, and social sciences such as economics and anthropology. The central theme of the course will be that of change as a normal and natural process. It will consist of five major focal areas: Earth as a Planet, Life on Earth, Impacts of Resource Use, Local Environmental Topics, and Your Role in Managing Earth. We shall explore how change has and is occurring at the local, regional and global scales. To facilitate the learning process we shall analyze local, national and international case histories. The case histories would include air pollution at the Grand Canyon, TCE groundwater contamination in Tucson, landfill, nuclear waste disposal, population growth and urban sprawl in Arizona, and leaking underground storage tanks in Tucson
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Instructor Information: Name: James J. Riley, Ph.D. Office mailbox location: 429 Shantz (SWES Department Office) Telephone number:  591-4019 (cell phone) E-mail address: [email protected] Office hours: by appointment Name: Dr. Tom Wilson Office mailbox location: 429 Shantz (SWES Department Office) Telephone numbers: 621-9308 (office phone) E-mail address: [email protected] Office hours: by appointment Name: Dr. Allan Matthias Office location: 529 Shantz Building Office mailbox location: 429 Shantz (SWES Department Office) Telephone numbers: 621-7226 (office phone), 979-1225 (cell phone) E-mail address: [email protected] Office hours:  9:30 to 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. Friday, or by  appointment Course Objectives: This course will help you become more aware of the Earth’s environment through  study of the physical, biological, and human processes underlying major  environmental issues. 1. To learn to identify and describe common environmental problems and discuss 
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NATS 101 Syllabus for D2L wJJR comments - SYLLABUS...

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