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Houston Scarborough Dr. Planchon Bus 473 1/19/10 Warner-Lambert Ireland must recognize that the long term results and effects of the their product outweigh the long term effects of smoking. As the facts unfold you will see that the average smoker consumes 11.55 cartons of cigarettes over a 14 day period, spending an assumed €25.99; whereas a 14 day supply of Niconil was to cost between €32.00 and €60.00. The retail value should reflect the product’s effectiveness over that 14 day period as a comparable, beneficial substitute to smoking.
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Unformatted text preview: Therefore, Niconil should consider their pricing at a premium to cigarettes. This is because it is a purchase made less frequently that cigarettes and with a greater reward associated with the ultimate purpose. I believe that Niconil will benefit most from its return customers and by word of mouth referencing. The last forecast, where 54% of the population wanted to quit smoking, would be the most beneficial way to predicted future sales and prescriptions written at doctor’s visits....
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