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internship questions[1] - Copy

internship questions[1] - Copy - Hi Internship Students For...

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Hi Internship Students: For completion of BUS 461, I’d like for you to answer the following questions and send them to me via an e-mail attachment. I don’t expect long or detailed answers, but I would like to see evidence that you have been engaged with your internship and have thought about your experience. (I also have access to your responses sent to Career Services’ questions.) 1. Where was your internship (exact department and firm) and who was your supervisor (name and position)? Archer Malmo, worked primarily with Tangerine Direct Marketing. My supervisor was Karen McKenzie, Senior Account Executive 2. Did you have routine duties assigned to you? If so, what were they? What did you learn from doing these duties? Yes, I was in charge of a monthly mailer for Memphis Visitors Convention Bureau, collating information for a trial program for Valent chemicals. 3. Were you involved in any special project? If so, what were they? What did you learn from working on these projects? Yes, Valent RyzUp coordination, iBank brand positioning and
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