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Houston Scarborough Prof Nasang’o 4/3/09 Provisions of Conflict The Undermining of an Infant Nation Peripheral benefactors have made conflict containment an illusive undertaking, as nations sponsor respective sides of conflict boundaries in support of their ulterior objectives . What lies at the end of the conflicts, justifies the purpose of support; raw material exploitation and promise of unremitting colonial influence . The support Britain offered the Nigerian Federal Government had greater purpose than diplomacy, it bridged relations with promising benefits . In effect the British bolstered support for Nigerian government and consequently supported the murders across Biafra . Contrastingly, French support for the Biafrans was a critical move promoting the Francophone preeminence in West Africa, as well as a future in the oil industry . Post-independence Nigeria spanned a vast political spectrum; the young country hosted a twentieth century land grab revival reminiscent of colonial Africa . As the dying ties of colonialism threatened Western European colonialist’s hold on African frontiers, the steps to preserving the vital money hold became drastic . The transformation of the continent from Africa the undiscovered, to underdeveloped Africa endured an extensive period of resource exploitation without reward . The independence
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of Nigeria fell victim to the pitfalls associated with dependency theories . It was evident that Nigeria remained dependent upon its colonizers, whom played along with Nigerian politics in exchange for their natural resources . As the separatist movements became
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Nigeria[1] - Copy - Houston Scarborough Prof Nasango...

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