Savanna Biome Food web biology

Savanna Biome Food web biology - Herbivore Mole Omnivore...

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Lizard Omnivore Bermuda Grass Producer Jackelberry Tree Producer Whistling Thorn Producer Wildebeest Herbivore Cape Hunting Dog Omnivore Hyena Carnivore Lion Carnivore Rabbit Herbivore Tiger Omnivore Giraffe Herbivore Fungi Decomposer Earthworm Omnivore Bacteria Decomposer Rhinoceros
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Unformatted text preview: Herbivore Mole Omnivore Zebra Herbivore Mouse Herbivore Serval Carnivore Zorilla Omnivore Impala Herbivore Meerkat Omnivore Warthog Herbivore Baboon Omnivore Boa Constrictor Carnivore Rhea Omnivore Elephant Herbivore...
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