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Technology Timeline 1791 - On December 26, Charles Babbage was born. 1821 - Charles Babbage started to work on the Difference Engine, intended to compile and print mathematical tables. 1822 - Charles Babbage discussed the principles of a calculating engine. 1833 - Charles Babbage began to work on the Analytical Engine , which was intended to perform any mathematical task. This is where the beginning of the computer ages began. Data punch cards were used to input mathematical information, while the computer solves the problem and provides an answer. 1860 – On February 29, Herman Hollerith was born. 1882 – Herman Hollerith developed a prototype of a system for storing data on punch cards. 1891 - Hollerith's machines were used to gather census information. 1882 - Hollerith became an instructor of mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 1896 - Herman Hollerith found IBM inc. in Broome County, New York. IBM corporation is a major computer manufacturer. 1890 – Herman Hollerith was awarded the Elliott Cresson medal from the Franklin Institute of
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Technology Timeline - Technology Timeline 1791 - On...

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