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Dominic Morando 4) The Robbins reading was focused on disease in our society. The two Doctors this question focuses on have similar theories on the spread of disease .The reason Rudolf Virchow is pertinent to this weeks reading is because he hypothesized that sexually transmitted disease is influenced most by material culture and social conditions. An example from the book is how Lyme disease spread with the change in the northeast forested environment. As the forest began to regrow, the hosts developed a stronger strain of the disease, effectively killing thousands. Klienman says that sexual diseases are a part of culture, not outside it. For example, in this weeks reading it explained that mankind caused many of the factors contributing to the spread of AIDs. Tourism helped the process along a great deal. With the rise of prostitution and intravenous drug use, both culture related phenomenons, AIDs spread through populations like wildfire. AIDs also took the biggest toll in peripheral
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