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01 Intro - ~ BCOR 1010 ~ Introduction to Business(Section...

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Unformatted text preview: ~ BCOR 1010 ~ Introduction to Business (Section 100) Instructor: Beth Cross Instructor: Beth 1 Beth Cross 2 Business Experience How many of you have started or run How your own business? your – Babysitting? – Lawn Mowing? – Lemonade Stand? What business decisions need to be What business made for a lemonade stand? made 3 Lemonade Stand Business Decisions – – – – – – – – – Competitive Environment Location Advertising… Promotion… Selling… Advertising… Pricing… Pricing… Financing Financing Business Form Operations Operations Tracking Results Information Support People Management Workforce… working conditions… hours… Workforce… compensation… benefits… compensation… 4 Course Goals This course is designed to help This students understand/appreciate the interrelationship of business functions interrelationship business and, more generally, the role and context of business in society context 5 Student Goals / Objectives Gain basic knowledge of the functions of a Gain business and their interrelationships business Understand trade-offs, complexities in Understand business decisions Learn the language… …the “lingo” Gain personal insight into your interests, your values, goals values, Maybe even get jazzed… 6 Student Goals / Objectives Gain basic knowledge of the areas of business and their Gain interrelationships interrelationships Learn the language… …the “lingo” Learn Understand trade-offs and complexities in business decisions Gain personal insight into your interests, values, goals your Maybe even get jazzed… Experience academic performance Experience expectations at Leeds expectations 7 Course Outline – 4 Parts 1. The Context Of Modern Business (4 weeks) (4 Part One: 2. 2. 3. Part Two: Business As an Entity (1 week) (1 The Interrelated Functions Of Business (9 weeks) (9 Part Three: Part Four: 4. 4. Leadership (1 week) (1 8 Components Of the Course Class Lectures – Handouts Custom Text Readings – – – Articles and book excerpts Business cases and case questions “Wish Lists” Recitations – Practical Application - Business Cases Practical Wall Street Journal 9 Online Wall Street Journal 1 2 3 10 10 Syllabus Course Guide - Contract Course requirements Examination details (Look at these now!) Examination (Look Grading information Grading Course outline and daily class planner Course On CULearn On Answers most questions 11 11 Recitation Business Laboratory Clarify/amplify course concepts “Real World” examples “Real World” recitation leaders Help you to develop your style, Help values… values… Case Q&As Case Cases are tested on exams 5% of course grade 12 12 Log Assignment Six one-page papers (logs) Source is Wall Street Journal Remarkable business conduct Three collected in recitation on Friday, Three 2/20, and three on Friday, 4/10 5% of course grade 5% 13 13 Company Research Project Team Presentation – – – Assigned Teams Assigned Companies Library Research Session (Friday, 3/13) 5 - 7 minute team presentation on minute Friday, 4/24, in recitation Friday, 5% of course grade 14 14 Short Paper Short (one-page) paper Remarkable business conduct Evaluate conduct and react to it Your best log Your Due Friday, 4/24, in recitation 5% of course grade 5% 15 15 Examinations Designed to test concept Designed understanding understanding – – – Trade-offs Interrelationships Language of business Exams are typically: – – – 15-20 Questions Essay and short answer Definition And Significance 1.5 - 2.5 hours to complete 16 16 Course Grading Midterm #1 Midterm 7pm) 7pm) Midterm #2 7pm) 7pm) Final Exam Final 7:30pm) Six WSJ Logs Six Research Pres. Short Paper 15% 15% 25% 25% 40% 5% 5% 5% (Wed, 2/11, (Wed, 3/18, (Mon, 5/4, 17 17 Miles Wide – Inches Deep Miles Inches 18 18 Tip Of the Iceberg Tip 19 19 Ground Rules Be present, not just in the room… Be present not Respect class start time and end time. and Your questions, Your opinions, are valid. Your participation will make a difference. Cell phones off or on vibrate. Laptops are for note-taking, not for… Take texting, side talk, distractions Take outside. outside. Respect each other… this is college… 20 20 I Commit To: Be present, not just in the room Start on time… End on time... Be available to you, during class and at Be other times. Respect each of you… Respect this is college… 21 21 Succeeding in BCOR 1010 Recommendations: Scan (at least) readings before class. Scan before Lectures and recitations are both key to learning Lectures learning course content. course If you don’t ask, I will assume you understand. Digest concepts and trade-offs; don’t just Digest memorize. memorize. Study with a friend or group. Take advantage of office hours. Keep Up. – Don’t be fooled by the word “Intro”… 22 22 ...
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