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05 CSR2 Ethics&Individual

05 CSR2 Ethics&Individual - ~ BCOR 1010 ~...

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Unformatted text preview: ~ BCOR 1010 ~ Introduction to Business Section 100 Instructor: Beth Cross Office: Room 345E – CESR Suite, Koelbel Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Cell #: 303 956-6010 Office # 303 492-4463 Office Hours, Spring, 2009: Office Mon. 11:30a-1:00p, Wed. 10:30a-12:00n Wed. and by appointment and 1 Business Ethics (vs Law) And (vs Business the Individual the Business Ethics and the Individual Business Ethics defined / understood Law vs Ethics As Guides To Behavior Origin of Business Values Example Of a Clash Between Business Example Conduct And Individual Values Conduct Likelihood Of Confronting Ethical Dilemmas Likelihood In The Workplace In 2 Ethics “Beliefs about what is right and wrong or right good or bad in actions that affect others” that A generous ATM “Napsterrific” 3 Ethics - Enron Andrew Fastow ­ Enron CFO "I was extremely greedy, I lost my moral compass and I did many things I regret." But he said in the “culture of corruption” at Enron, he thought he was being a hero by inflating Enron’s earnings. 10 year prison sentence 4 Ethics - WorldCom Bernard Ebbers – WorldCom CEO $80 Billion Fraud 25 year prison 25 sentence sentence 5 Ethics - Satyam Ramalinga Raju – Satyam Founder & CEO Admitted to $1 Billion Admitted Fraud Fraud Arrested 1/09/2009 He and his brother, He (managing director) have resigned have 6 Relevance? 50,000 Business majors at 69 schools – Serious cheating on exams 26% – Cheating on written assignments 54% Plagiarism/friend’s homework Business Week 2/6/06 p.14 7 Relevance? How do they define themselves? – Cheaters? Rationalize it ‘away’? – I had to do it…? – Ends justify Means… 8 Ethics vs. Law Internal vs. External Motivation Law is limited. Fear Factor (law or religion as motivation) Fear The Role of Personal Choice The Businesses do not make decisions; People do. Ethics and Law are sometimes in conflict You will face significant ethical challenges in your work life your – And you will be influencing/mentoring/leading And others who watch you. 9 2007 National Business Ethics 2007 Survey Survey The good news: The number of formal ethics and compliance The compliance programs is on the rise. programs In companies with well-implemented programs, In there is increased reporting, reducing ethics risk. there The 2007 NBES showed that companies that move The beyond a singular commitment to complying with laws and regulations and adopt an enterpriselaws wide ethical culture dramatically reduce wide misconduct. misconduct. 10 10 2007 National Business Ethics 2007 Survey Survey The bad news: Ethical misconduct in general is very high and Ethical back at pre-Enron levels — during the past year, more than half of employees surveyed saw ethical misconduct of some kind. misconduct Many employees do not report what they observe Many — they fear retaliation and are skeptical that their reporting will make a difference. One in eight employees experiences some form of retaliation for reporting misconduct. for 11 11 A Pharmacist’s Dilemma 12 12 Ethics “Having chosen, so defined” - Neko Case Neko Having 13 13 Ethics Or Law ??!!??!! A motorist was mailed a picture of his car motorist speeding through an automated radar post in St Peters, Missouri. A $40 speeding ticket was included. Being cute, the motorist sent the police department a picture of $40. The police responded with another mailed photo… …of handcuffs. photo… 14 14 ...
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