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Unformatted text preview: ~ BCOR 1010 ~ Introduction to Business Section 100 Instructor: Beth Cross Office: Room 345E – CESR Suite, Koelbel Email: beth.cross@colorado.edu Cell #: 303 956-6010 Office # 303 492-4463 Office Hours, Spring, 2009: Mon. 11:30a-1:00p, Wed. 10:30a-12:00n and by appointment Management Management aka -- Human Resources Management Human Economics Economics and Ethics Ethics “Do What Works”… …and… “Do What’s Right” and… “Do Human Resources Management Human HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT: HUMAN the Right People in the Right Job the Employee Motivation Human Resource Management Human Processes Processes Labor Relations Managing a Diverse Workforce and a Managing Diverse Workplace Diverse Human Resources Management … a definition … definition The set of organizational activities The directed at attracting, developing, and attracting developing and maintaining an effective workforce. maintaining effective Business Essentials, p. 228 Human Resources Management Who fits in which box? Able Willing Unable Unwilling HR Management Processes – – – – – – – – Planning Job Analysis/Job Description Recruitment / Recruiting Selection Performance Appraisal Training and Career Development Training Compensation Termination HR Management Processes Planning Planning Assess current and future Assess needs needs For Growth (or contraction) For Change HR Management Processes Job Analysis Job THE BUILDING BLOCK OF HRM THE Step One Step HR Management Processes Job Analysis: Job – The determination through observation The and study, of pertinent information about a and of job, including specific tasks and necessary abilities, knowledge, and skills necessary HR Management Processes Job Description: Job – The formal, written description of a The specific job, such as the job title, tasks to specific such be performed, physical and mental skills required, duties, and responsibilities required, HR Management Processes Job Specification: Job The written description of the The qualifications necessary for a specific job, qualifications such as education, experience, skills and personal characteristics personal Must be specific Must be aware of discrimination laws “Lift 100 pounds of bricks” not “Strong young male” HR Management Processes Job analysis (THE building block of HR) Job description Job specification HR Management Processes Recruiting – Attracting qualified Attracting • Internal • Pros/Cons • External • Pros/Cons applicants to your candidate pool. applicants HR Management Processes Selection – Collecting information about applicants and using it to decide which applicants to hire. which Methods used must be valid and Methods valid reliable predictors of employee reliable performance performance ~~ Validity and Reliability ~~ Reliability Interviews Interviews Recency vs. Primacy Valid Questions: – How many gas stations in The U.S.? – Client problem – What would some Qs be for your job? Legislation Regulating Recruiting, Selection, Compensation Recruiting, Fair Labor Standards Act (1938) – Sets minimum wages and overtime rates – Defines exemption Equal Pay Act (1963) – Requires that men and women who do equal Requires work be paid equally. work Title VII of the Civil rights Act (1964) – Created the Equal Employment Opportunity Created Commission (EEOC) – Outlaws discrimination on the basis of sex, Outlaws race, color, or national origin race, Legislation Regulating Recruiting, Legislation Selection, Compensation Selection, Age Discrimination in Employment Act (1967) (1967) – Outlaws employment practices that Outlaws discriminate on the basis of age (40+) discriminate Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) – Prevents discrimination against disabled Prevents persons persons Beware Adverse Impact eware Adverse HR Management Processes HR Performance Appraisal – evaluation of the performance of an employee as measured against a set of criteria or standards. HR Management Processes Performance Appraisal - Benefits Performance Identify Able/Unable Development Rewards Motivation/Feedback Dialogue / 2-way Communication Validate Selection Tools Termination Justification HR Management Processes Performance Appraisal Methods Rating Scales Rating Forced choice rating systems Essay descriptions Management by objectives (collaborative) …etc…. HR Management Processes Performance Appraisal Performance Valid and Reliable Valid HR Management Processes Training Training Training short term Training – On the job – Off the job – Vestibule / Simulation Development long term Development HR Management Processes Compensation Compensation Total package of rewards Total Benefits are a growing percentage Benefits HR Management Processes Termination Termination Employment at will Legal limitations Practicality Human Resources Management What HR Mgmt processess apply? Able Willing Unable Unwilling ...
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