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CCMN279 Assignment 3 - Negative Messages Fall 2008 For this assignment you are required to write TWO documents. Choose ONE of the following topics and write TWO messages. Think about your audience before you start to write; decide what they want to know and what they need to know. Anticipate how receptive your audience will be to your message and select and organize your information appropriately. 1. You own and operate a food distribution company. You supply products from a variety of food producers to stores across Canada. Recent outbreaks of listeriosis and salmonella have heightened your awareness of food safety (and your concerns about consumer health as well as potential liability) and have made you decide to limit your products to those not requiring refrigeration. This will eliminate most dairy and meat products from your product line. Write a letter to the stores you supply explaining your decision to them; then write a message to your staff so they know what is happening and can respond to any questions your customers may have. Remember that the success of your business depends on retaining your customers. 2. You work for a service company that provides customer support through a centralized call centre. Your company recently outsourced its call centre operations to India. You have just
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assig3f08 - CCMN279 Assignment 3 - Negative Messages Fall...

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