Assignment#2-Microec - to sales tax Who bears the burden of these taxes Why If necessary illustrate with diagrams Entertainment Alcohol Beverages

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1. Choose any one of the following topics and follow the guidelines as given. a) Why do governments intervene in the agricultural sector? Choose any particular agricultural commodity in Canada and discuss the type of government intervention it is subjected to. Evaluate the consequences of such intervention. b) Is there a future for the Automotive sector in Canada? In your opinion what are the factors on which the future of this industry depend? Elaborate. c) The impact of sales tax on the consumer depends on the elasticity of demand and supply. State three products in Canada, which are subjected
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Unformatted text preview: to sales tax. Who bears the burden of these taxes? Why? If necessary illustrate with diagrams. Entertainment, Alcohol Beverages, Gasoline 2. Choose any one of the following market structures: Perfect Competition Monopoly Oligopoly Choose an industry in Canada which falls within the category you have chosen. Analyse the characteristics of the industry within the framework of the text book. Discuss its potential for Economic or normal profits Good luck Prof. Anselm...
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