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Chapter 3 Assignment Jinho Park 1. How can managers be considered omnipotent? - In omnipotent of view, manages are considered as all powerful and direct cause of a companies’ success or failure. Though they are paid astronomy of money, they have all responsibilities about organization’s situation. 2. Are managers responsible for the success or failure of organizations? - Managers are the main influence able elements for the organization’s success or failure, but I think there are other complicate elements which are out of the influence of managers like luck or economic situation of market. 3. Do all organizations have a culture? - Every organization has certain characteristics it prefers in employees. It has its own rituals and practices. It rewards certain behaviors and penalizes others. Most importantly, these employee characteristics, rituals, practices, rewards and penalties differ from organization to organization. 4. It follows from this definition that an organization’s cultures wouldn’t change very
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