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1. In the culture of 3M which is creative and inventive, innovation is the primary intention. 2. After the formal CEO McNerney left this company, this company’s culture is coming back by new CEO Buckley is focusing 3M's idea and innovation culture, and he is empowering the organization to do a little more imagining and a little less analyzing, and this situation can make 3M dream again. 3. When this company whose stock and performance had suffered for a long time, especially in the late 1990s, formal CEO McNerney with Six Sigma could root out waste and inefficiency and the results were quite effective, as 3M's stock recovered impressively. However, the culture of 3M was destoried because new CEO McNerney though this culture is kind of problem. 4. 3M encouraged employees to work in the inventive and creative environment and allowed researchers to take enough time for concentrating their job. 5. The meaning of Six sigma is being defined differently depend on the companies, but the general meaning is
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