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NAME: _____Phung Le________ Class Period: ___T- TH________ Date Due: ___Oct 28_______ Business 71 Homework Questions Chapters 7-13, (7x25 random) ID: D Read the question and all of the answers carefully. Locate the best support in the text and note that reference, you may need it later. Identify the letter choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. Indicate your choice in the space provided to the left of the question number. Enter this letter next to the corresponding question on the Scantron in pencil. ____ 1. A-One Pavers, Inc., contracts with Best Building Corporation to repave Best's parking lot. The elements of a contract do not include a. consideration. b. contractual capacity. c. legality. d. practicality. ____ 2. Max begins to perform, intending that the completion of his performance act as an acceptance of Nia's offer, which can only be accepted by the completion of the act. Nia can revoke her offer any time a. after Nia makes it. b. before Max completes performance of the act. c. before Max has substantially begun performance of the act. d. before Max indicates that he will perform. ____ 3. Macro Corporation and Micro, Inc., enter into an agreement. To constitute a contract a. all terms must be express. b. all terms must be implied. c. the terms may be express, implied, or a mix of both. d. the terms may be express or implied, but not both. ____ 4. Jolly Sales Company and Kwik Distributors, Inc., enter into an agreement that contains some express terms and some that are implied. This is a. a mixture of an express contract and an implied-in-fact contract. b. an express contract only. c. an implied-in-law contract. d. not a contract. ____ 5. Beth claims that her contract with Carl is voidable. If the contract is avoided a. both parties are released from it. b. neither party is released from it. c. only Beth is released from it. d. only Carl is released from it. ____ 6. Curt promises to buy illegal copies of CDs and DVDs from Donna, who promises to deliver on May 1. These promises are most likely a. enforceable. b. valid.
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c. void. d. voidable. ____ 7. Asa mistakenly pays property taxes that should have been assessed against Bud. Asa can recover the amount from Bud in quasi contract a. even if Bud was not aware of the error. b. only if Bud tried to conceal the error. c. only if Bud was aware of the error. d. under no circumstances. ____ 8. Amber offers to buy a laser printer, with a case of paper and an extra cartridge, from Best Office Products for $200. Cris, Best's representative, says, "OK, but no paper and no extra cartridge." Cris has a. accepted the offer. b. made a counteroffer without rejecting the offer. c. rejected the offer and made a counteroffer. d.
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Bus_71_Homework_2D_175_Q_wo_Ans - NAME_Phung Le Class...

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