NOVOFinal-11-15 - On Demand Business Novozymes brings good...

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On Demand Business Novozymes brings good chemistry to its customers’ supply chain processes. With companies around the world adopting environmentally friendly practices, many have begun to shift from the use of traditional chemicals in their products and manufacturing processes toward biotechnology-based substances. Among the most prominent of these are enzymes and specialized microorganisms, whose key property is an ability to perform or enhance a specialized chemical or biological function. The fact that they do so more cleanly—and often more efficiently than standard chemicals— makes them a “win-win” proposition for Novozymes' 700 products are a key factor in the production of thousands of products used in everyday life. With more than 100 types of enzymes and microorganisms, Novozymes is the number one enzymes producer in the world. Novozymes employs 4,000. Overview ± Challenge The leading producer of enzymes, Novozymes and its customers needed to improve its existing collaborative planning forecasting and replenishment (CPFR) processes, thereby reducing inventory management and ordering burdens for its clients. ± Why Become an On Demand Business? By streamlining, automating and more tightly integrating its own and its customers’ processes, Novozymes would be better positioned to optimize its own planning, production and logistics processes. ± Solution Novozymes engaged IBM Business Consulting Services to create a more integrated and simplified process framework that enables it to take over its customers’ inventory management. Key Benefits 20% reduction in administrative costs related to demand planning Vastly improved ability to optimize production planning and logistics >> On Demand Business defined “An enterprise whose business processes—integrated end-to-end across the company and with key partners, suppliers and customers—can respond with speed to any customer demand, market opportunity or external threat.” “To succeed, we needed a provider who knew our processes, understood our vision of becoming more customer-centric and— perhaps most importantly—had the resources to bring the two together.” –Jesper Espensen, Director of Supply Chain Support, Novozymes
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manufacturers. This is especially true for consumer products, with enzymes playing a critical role in the production of everything from orange juice (increasing fruit yield) to wine (increasing tannin concentrations). Enzymes are also critical product ingredients, enabling—for example—laundry detergents to remove stains in cold water. The list of uses—spanning 40 industries—is long and growing. As the world’s leading manufacturer of enzymes and microorganisms, Denmark-based Novozymes ( ) is helping to lead this trend. To Novozymes’s consumer products customers, enzymes represent an
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NOVOFinal-11-15 - On Demand Business Novozymes brings good...

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