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psych final exam review - PSYCH FINAL EXAM REVIEW TEST...

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PSYCH FINAL EXAM REVIEW TEST QUESTIONS: - The ancient Chinese believed that emotions were a result of _____ flowing over certain organs : VI- TAL AIR - The birth of mental hospitals was guided by the: ACT OF REGULATING MADHOUSES - 1. Schizophrenia a. Literal translation “split mind” b. A group of severe psychotic disorders characterized by: i. Disorganized and delusional thinking ii. Disturbed perceptions iii. Inappropriate emotions and actions c. Distorted thoughts about things d. Delusions: false beliefs, often of persecution or grandeur, that may accompany psychotic disorders i. They think they’re Jesus; looking behind their back the whole time; you are delusional when you’re paranoid ii. Played the Beetles song backwards and he thought someone was out to get him: Charles Manson e. Hallucinations: false sensory experiences such as seeing something without any external visual stimulus 2. Theories about the causes of mental illness There are 3 types of theories as to the causes of mental disorders: 1. Supernatural theories view abnormality as a result of divine intervention, curses, demonic possession, and personal sin 2. Biological/Natural theories see abnormality as similar to physical disease; a break- down of some systems of the body 3. Psychological theories see mental illness as a result of some trauma 3. Treatment for mental illness: Stone Age a. Beliefs thought to be predominantly supernatural b. Trephination as treatment for mental illness (drilling holes in skull) c. Exorcisms 4. Ancient China and mental illness a. Concept of Yin and Yang b. Belief that emotions were a result of “vital air” flowing over certain organs c. Predominantly a natural or biological approach to abnormality 5. Ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome, and mental illness a. Both the Egyptians and Greeks subscribed to the theory of the “wandering uterus” b. Hippocrates and the 4 humors: blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile c. Plato believed that mental disorders were caused by the rational mind being over- come by impulse, passion or appetite d. “Insane” people were often confined to their homes, had their property taken away, and were not allowed to marry
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PSYCH FINAL EXAM REVIEW e. Refrigerator moms: moms that are cold, and not interacting with their child i. Whole belief that something happened with your mother goes all the way back to here 6. Medieval Theories a. Prior to the 11th century, mental illness was largely viewed from a natural/biolo- gical perspective b. The inquisition was originated as a way to identify and punish religious heretics, but “witches” and “Satanists” were also arrested c. Many of the accused witches may have been mentally ill and may have believed that they were witches; many have also been the victims of poor nutrition and so- cial control d. Psychic epidemics and mass hysteria: St. Vitus’ Dance i. St. Vitus dance: happened when there was an outbreak of cholera, caused people to have mental illness, probably a virus or bacterial infection
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psych final exam review - PSYCH FINAL EXAM REVIEW TEST...

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