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13_takehome_chapter 7_fall 2010 - Acc 200P Name Lab Section...

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Name: ______________________ Lab Section #: ________________ Lab Instructor’s Name: _________ Date: _______________________ TAKE-HOME QUIZ Chapter 7 Remember: Fixed costs do not change unless you are told otherwise in a problem. This assignment consists of both multiple choice and short problems. You may highlight your answers to the multiple choice. Make sure you show all calculations for the short problems in order to receive partial credit. HONOR PLEDGE : “I have worked independently on this quiz. I have neither given nor received any assistance to or from others.” _________________________________ student signature MULTIPLE CHOICE: (10 pts each) 1. Which of the following would not be a factor in the consideration of whether or not a special order should be accepted? A. Excess capacity B. Variable costs C. Sunk Costs D. Qualitative factors E. Quantitative factors 2. Quinton Products manufactures digital cameras. Currently, the company manufactures its own carrying case for the cameras at the following unit costs when 9,000 cases are manufactured each year: Direct materials $2.00 Direct labor $2.00 Variable overhead $1.00 Fixed overhead $1.00 Another manufacturer has offered to supply Quinton with the case at a cost of $6.00 each. If Quinton accepts the offer, what will be the short-term impact on net income. A. No impact on net income. B. Decrease by $9,000.
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This note was uploaded on 12/13/2010 for the course ACC 200 taught by Professor Buckless during the Fall '08 term at N.C. State.

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13_takehome_chapter 7_fall 2010 - Acc 200P Name Lab Section...

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