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Feldman critical thinking exercise 1

Feldman critical thinking exercise 1 - Critical thinking...

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Critical thinking exercise 1 1. Explain the difference between how a developmentalist, who is specializing in personality, and how a developmentalist in social development, go about their work. Developmentalists who specialize in personality would study personality traits of a person and determine which traits change as a person ages and which traits remain unchanged throughout the aging process. Developmentalists who specialize in social development would study how various racial, ethnic and religious groups (among others) would interact, not only within their given groups, but also with groups of other races, ethnicities and religions. 2. Provide reasons why today’s developmentalists believe the entire life span is important. - Developmental growth and change continue through all parts of life - The people who influence a person’s life throughout the lifespan changes, and to understand those changes, we need to understand the role they played in a person’s life
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