feldman critical thinking exercise 3

feldman critical thinking exercise 3 - Critical Thinking...

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Critical Thinking Exercise 3 1. Briefly give an example how recent research refutes some of Piaget’s understanding of preschool children’s abilities. Recent studies have shown that children in the preoperational period can count, understand the difference in numbers and understand a row with more items than another regardless of spacing. This contradicts earlier finding by Piaget. Additionally, further studies have concluded that children can be taught to correctly answer conservation tasks, again in contrast to Piaget’s findings that conservation was not evident in children until the end of the preoperational period, and later in some cases. 2. Briefly explain the difference between traditional education and the Montessori approach. While traditional education focuses on curriculum with children grouped together by age and tracking the gains of students through tests and grades, the Montessori approach does not. The Montessori approach facilitates learning both social and academic skills through groups of children of multiple ages where teachers are viewed as someone who works hand in hand with the children, rather than “teaching” the children in a structured classroom environment. Also, research of the Montessori approach versus traditional education has shown that children of the Montessori approach are better able to resolve conflicts with other children without aggression than children in a traditional education setting. 3. Briefly give explanations as to why “theory of Mind” contributes to the
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feldman critical thinking exercise 3 - Critical Thinking...

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