feldman cte 4 - Critical thinking exercise 4 Chapters...

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Critical thinking exercise 4 Chapters 11,12, 13 and 14 1. List 5 basic tasks of adolescence. - physical growth, including good nutritional choices and exercise - sexual maturation beginning with puberty, also includes maturing relationships with opposite sex - brain development to advance cognitive growth - school attendance and achievement - developing social relationships with peers 2. Explain why decision making is so challenging for adolescents. Decision-making is a result of development of the prefrontal cortex of the brain. Researchers say this is not fully developed until the early 20’s. As the development of the prefrontal cortex continues, it allows for more sophisticated thinking in adolescents. Because the prefrontal cortex is the sight of impulse control, as well as more sophisticated thinking, it can be difficult for adolescents to control impulsive behavior, as well as anger and rage. As the gray matter of the brain declines, replaced by white matter, more sophisticated thinking processes develop. 3. Discuss the impact of the parent-child relationship on adolescent mental health. Although most adolescents will suffer from bouts of depression during the adolescent period regardless of the parent-child relationship, the relationship between parents and their children can drastically affect the mental health of adolescents, whether positively or negatively. An adolescent that has parents that are actively involved in their lives, setting boundaries, engaging in open discussions of feelings and emotions, promoting healthy choices in all
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feldman cte 4 - Critical thinking exercise 4 Chapters...

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