Assignment Disorders, Diseases, and Drugs

Assignment Disorders, Diseases, and Drugs - Disorders,...

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Disorders, Diseases, and Drugs 1 Psychiatric Disorders, Diseases, and Drugs Sheryl Kunze Psy/240 December 5, 2010 Tanya Mueller
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There are many psychiatric disorders, diseases, and drugs that affect millions of people every year. Not only do these disorders and diseases interfere with everyday living, but they also affect a person’s emotional, health, relationships, and productivity. Within this thesis we will be discussing any associated theory behind the disorders of schizophrenia, depression, mania, anxiety disorder, and tourette syndrome. This discussion will also include the drugs that can remedy or lessen the effects of the disorders, diseases, and drugs; along with how they may help. The negative effects associated with the drugs used to treat these disorders, diseases, and drug addictions will also be discussed. Schizophrenia is considered one of the most damaging of all of mental disorders. When a person has this disorder it causes a person to lose all sense of reality which causes them to have delusions, hallucinations, extreme suspicion, and vary between men and women. The ages of symptoms also vary between male and females. Signs tend to show in males in their late teens to early twenties while signs show in women usually during their twenties to early thirties (Mayo Clinic, 2008). Schizophrenia sufferers can have some recovery but almost all will most likely deal with marked symptoms throughout their life. Most people with this disorder will make up a coherent story as if someone is out to get them or poison them. These types of thoughts can cause a person to show a self-destructive behavior which can lead to an increased risk of suicide (Pinel, 2007). Most sufferers can seem to be normal to others and anyone who questions their method of
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Assignment Disorders, Diseases, and Drugs - Disorders,...

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