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CheckPoint Social Change and Modernization

CheckPoint Social Change and Modernization - eliminate...

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CheckPoint: Social Change and Modernization Social change is a big topic to be discussed but a short description of social change is as follows. Social change is in the attitudes of people or how they believe things should be at the time (or a shift in worldview). Social change can be a positive and/or a negative. People may have views on how much money woman should make in the workplace, equal rights, etc. The labor movement fought for better treatment of employees and political governments. Antiwar movements are against a particular part of a war or the war itself. Peace movements are for peace. The woman’s suffrage movement fought for women’s rights to vote. Modernization is when we change things or ways of life to become more modern to society. Modernization can be for the good and/or the bad. Modernization tries to add or
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Unformatted text preview: eliminate something by making it look better or be more useful than previous methods. Technology is a big change in modernizations such as computers, cell phones, PDA’s, and other things that many people now act as if they cannot live without, although before they were available they lived just fine. Vehicles have modernized society by making it quicker for people to travel as well as making more fuel efficient vehicles. Among all the other things that have been modernized, we have also modernized the way we use energy. We use the nuclear power plants instead of coal. People now use a light switch instead of a candle. People have even modernized the way we change our children’s diapers by using disposable diapers rather than using the old way of cloth diapers....
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