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MACM 101 Midterm Test 2 Some Day, 2010 This is a sample! Last Name First Name and Initials Student No. NO AIDS allowed. Answer ALL questions on the test paper. Use backs of sheets for scratch work. Total Marks: 100 1. Give a definition of the codomain of a function. [10] 2. Give a definition of an onto function. [10] 3. Let P ( x ), Q ( x ), and R ( x ) denote the following open statements: [16] P ( x ) : x 2 - 8 x + 15 = 0 Q ( x ) : x is odd R ( x ) : x > 0. For the universe of all integers, determine the truth or falsity of the following statement. If the statement is false, give a counterexample. x (( P ( x ) Q ( x )) R ( x )) . 4. Given premises:
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Unformatted text preview: [12] All hummingbirds are richly colored. No large birds live on honey. Birds that do not live on honey are dull in color. infer the conclusion Hummingbirds are small. 5. Give denition, what it means that a function f is in O ( g ). [10] 6. State the principle of strong induction. [16] 7. Give a denition of a transitive relation. Give an example of a relation which is NOT transitive. [10] 8. Let A , B , and C be sets. Show that [16] ( A-B )-C A-C. Draw Venn diagrams for both expressions....
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