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CRIM FINAL STUDY GUIDE BARTON (exotic dancers) 1. What is the “sex debate” about? What is the view of radical feminists and what is the view of sex radical feminists? a. Women’s experiences of empowerment versus oppression in the sex industry. b. Radical: find any kind of sex work, and often even sexuality itself, inherently and irrevocably exploitative within patriarchy. c. Sex Radical: theorize sex work as subversive of patriarchy’s definition of conventional femininity and who strongly support sex workers to perform erotic labor. 2. What are the main rewards of “stripping” or “exotic dancing”? What reward is number one? What are key risks or drawbacks? a. Money and power b. #1: money c. Being rejected, abused, and used. 3. The author characterizes the work experiences of an exotic dancer as being like a rollercoaster or a “mobius strip” explain. a. The highs and lows that a dancer might endure during her career. Highs include financial rewards; lows include degrading comments and/or physical abuse. HEYL (prostitution) 1. What are the different aspects of training for the house prostitute? Which is most difficult to teach? a. Choosing an alias, learning how to “French a guy all the way”, learning how to check a guy for any cuts or open sores on his genitals and for any signs of old or active venereal diseases, how to protect yourself during sexual acts. b. Hustling is most difficult. 2. What was Heyl’s method of collecting data? a. Tape recordings during actual training sessions, interviews with three of the novices, weekly contact over a four-year period with Ann. 3. What is the meaning of Ann’s claim that she doesn’t turn out “prostitutes”? Instead she turns out what? a. 4. What is meant by “racket values”? Identify the key racket values expected of house prostitutes. a. Prostitution world values b. Hustling, maximizing gains and minimizing efforts 5. What differences in training and in racket values exists between the house prostitute and the call girl and between the house prostitute and the streetwalker? a.
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LA COSA NOSTRA- AMERICAN MAFIA 1. What are the historical roots of LCN and the American Mafia? a. Evolved from the Sicilian Mafia and the Camorra of Southern Italy. 2. What is the basic structure of a LCN family? a. Commission (top families), composed of several bosses, underboss, consigliere (helps resolve disputes), capos, soldiers (most ranked in crime), non-member associates 3. In what ways has LCN been more successful than other criminal groups in US?
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