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Notes+12.2.2010 - Cold War Growing prosperity and economic...

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History 158C 12.2.2010 New Europe Thematic Approach Cultural Changing face of Europe o Religious, ethnic change Immigration 1960s, 70s, 80s non-Europeans o Multiculturalism vs integration Asylum seekers, economic migrants Attempt to control movement into Europe Collapse of colonial empires o Collapse & hollowing out of traditional identities Prosperity Less urgent need for ideologies Disillusionment with old class structures People have more choices Political More peaceful o Absence of inter-state conflict o Qualification Yugoslavia, Georgia, domestic terrorism o International terrorism o Explanation? Lessons from WWI & WWII
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Unformatted text preview: Cold War Growing prosperity and economic inter-dependence Social citizenship Pact of silence o More democratic Rise of democracy almost inevitable with the fall of fascism and communism o 3 components of democratic deficit Little responsibility Nation-state Voter apathy Russian authoritarian state Economic European welfare state – symbol of transformation 1945-1989 – 2 speed o Eastern Europe – economic catastrophe o Depopulation Conclusion Europe: o More leisure o Heavy drinking o Welfare state o Less religious o More integrated Yes and no Common language – English, soccer...
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