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History 158C 11.30.2010 Turning Points Thematic Approach Introduction Contrast old and new Europe pre & post 1945 o Several new Europes o Violence of old Europe o New Europe disappearance of interstate violence o Turning point of 1989 Possibility of democracy in Eastern Europe o European welfare state Cultural Change 1945 starting point Europeans 2 loyalties o Primary loyalty to nation-state o Secondary allegiance to Europe Sense of what constituted Europe o Europeans as a superior race o Continuity of a Christian Europe o Intellectual heritage from Greece & Rome
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Unformatted text preview: o Democratic values o Tolerance o Gradual, evolutionary change o Respect for hierarchy 2 transformations o Britain, Europe – self-identity Ethnic changes – immigration 1960s/1970s – decolonization – wave of immigration from the colonies 3 waves – post WWII, 1960s/70s, and 1989 4 th wave – asylum seekers from the Balkans Government response o Integration (France) o Multiculturalism (Britain, Germany) Questioning authority, traditional values Movie Welcome...
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