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History 158C 11.18.2010 The Collapse of Communism Started with film on 1989 I. The Magic Lantern Pg 94 Restoration of civil liberties Continuity blending history, reporting II. Protests and Dissent Solidarity Civic Forum Charter 77 Features of Protest o Basic cause response of hollowing out regime o Cynicism of leaders Zhivkov o Technology lack of sufficient technology TV revolution televised International Relations o Helsinki Accords 1975 inspiration for protest groups (Solidarity, etc) Solidarity s success known worldwide o Sparks Czech revolution
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Unformatted text preview: o But there ’ s no single revolution to look at – must be taken as a whole The Gulag Archipelago III. Gorbachev Started the meltdown of communism 2 principles – perestroika, glasnost Tries to do too much Lacks ability to control situation Options – cut defense, ease budget, international détente IV. Conclusion Why was the collapse of communism mostly non-violent? Why revolution? – fundamental, a crisis of expectations Velvet Revolution? – true o With exception to Yugoslavia, Romania...
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