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Notes+11.16.2010 - – Brezhnev period Repression Brezhnev...

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History 158C 11.16.2010 The Collapse of Communism Started with film on 1989 I. Structural Weaknesses Economic o Soviet economy = dinosaur economy Obsolete can t produce consumer products fast enough, easily Isn t adaptive everything planned already, inflexible Icons of obsolescence Car Chernobyl High growth rate at first Issue of housing Political o De-Stalinization only on the surface No fundamental reform o Follow-up to De-Stalinization
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Unformatted text preview: – Brezhnev period Repression Brezhnev doctrine 1968 – any attempt at liberalization would result in armed suppression Military o Lacks ability to reform itself o Regan – Star Wars, STI II. Protest – Rise of Dissent Resurface in Poland – Solidarity Interaction between the East and the West Role of the Church o Pope ’ s visit o Religion as an expression of nationalism III. Gorbachev...
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