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History 158C 11.2.2010 Decolonization I. Definitions Europe s identity today consequence of decolonization No closure continues into today s Europe Imperialism context o Victorian creation international kleptomania o Largely focused on Africa o Hierarchy European control British, French at the top Europeans control most of the world s land surface o Motives profit, prestige, missionary zeal, etc o Frantz Fanon 1960 Wretched of the Earth o Empire makes nation successful Necessary resource source of treasures, cheap products, etc Decolonization formal ending of European control of empire o Fluid process, starting even before 1914 o Not a neat, tidy process
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Unformatted text preview: o Effects involves colonization of Europe II. Time Frame Pre 1939 some o 1935 India receives independence, postponed because of WWI 1945-48 Asian decolonization 1950s (57-62) African Post 1970 final unraveling III. Forces Example of Russo-Japanese War & 1917 Russian Revolution WWI beginning of the end of Empire o Competing ideologies o Growth of Arab nationalism o Use of colonial troops Great Depression WWII Cold War Internationalism FILM Drowning by Bullets Maurice Papon Terrorism becomes infectious To be continued IV. Explanations V. Conclusion...
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