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History 158C 9.7.2010 I. Revolutions Peacemaking 1919 o How the war ends Woodrow Wilson goal = found a new order fundamental change 1918 failure of last German offensive January 1919 Paris Peace Conference Initial reaction contempt 21 st century more fair-minded verdicts Revolutionary up to a point Key issue how to democratize o Verdicts on the peace settlement (contemporary) o Judgments since the end of WWI (today) o What makes peacemaking revolutionary? Russian Revolution 1917 o Views about the Revolution Soviet view revolution of the proletariat was inevitable Western historians not necessarily o Impact of WWI Without WWI, Russia might have transitioned into parliamentary democracy of sorts
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Unformatted text preview: o Civil War in Russia Background on Russia in 1914 1861 – emancipation of the serfs 1904 – outbreak of Russo-Japanese War – Russia humiliated 1905 – Revolution Feudal society until 1861 Problem after 1861 – serfs free, but didn ’ t get enough land to live off of and survive Demographic surge Spontaneous peasant outbreaks Russia unprepared for total war – large population, but untrained Economic crisis – continued for newly freed peasants Links between Northern & Southern Russia – needed for transport, etc 1917 – 2 revolutions Feb 1917 – spontaneous like 1905 Triggered by defeat in war German Revolution 1918/1919...
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