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History 158C 8.31.2010 I. Why 1914? Not a world war in the beginning WWI matrix or crucible of the 20 th c. All Quiet on the Western Front dedicated to a destroyed generation So, what s significant about WWI and 1914? o 4 empires crash US became an international power (world banker) o 1 st total war in history Mobilization by the state of ALL resources 1 st fully effected total war successful industrialization of war Legacy of total war partnership between government and science/technology o 1 st truly world war Reconfigures the map of Europe o Nursery of revolution and competing ideologies War locomotive, accelerate change Russia Romanovs; Germany
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Unformatted text preview: – Hohenzollerns, Austria – Hapsburgs 3 Ideologies National Som (Marxism) Fascism Communism o WWI – European statebuilding and war go hand in hand War increases government power – big government II. How did it all get started? WWI – most documented conflict in history – on all sides o Hadn ’ t happened before, won ’ t happen again Remarkably efficient British postal service o Trigger = assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand o Major forces at work = nationalism, social Darwinism o Intellectual movement – futurists Ending question – Why did WWI last for 4 years? Why so long?...
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