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History 158C 8.26.2010 I. New Europe Europe as a laboratory A. Post Communism (after the fall of the Berlin Wall) B. Post-WWII (divided Europe) C. Chronological (1 st nd half of the 20 th c.) II. Goodbye to All That Europe on the brink of war & post WWI Europe A. WWI Britain was the only nation without a draft in effect 1. Graves enlists WHY? What makes him stay on? III. Why Europe? A. Significance of Europe 1. Ancestry bridge between Europe & US a. More important as a cultural & political connection b. Social democracy B. Attitudes & Assumptions of Europe & the rest of the world values, belief systems 1. 5 Assumptions (from early 1900s) a. Superiority Euro-centric, chosen people i. Seemed a fact of life ii. Europe as the center civilizing mission, bring democracy b. War as an act of nature why such a man-made catastrophe could & would take place i. Advocacy of war to bring about a necessary change ii. Pacifist movement pre WWI iii.
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