Sept 8 - Week 3: Classical Theories of Class

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Unformatted text preview: Week 3: Classical Theories of Class Sept. 8, 2010 Marx • Two Great Hostile Camps o Bourgeoisie capital, means of production o Proletariat wage labor, productive forces • Modern Industry & World Market o Development of… Commerce Navigation Communication • Modern Industry & Development of the Bourgeoisie o Produce of development o Lockstep increase in capital and political power (as one increases, so does the other) o Free trade led to brutal exploitation (the system itself requires it) • Bourgeoisie Downfall o Need for… Constant revolutionizing of production Capitalism requires Constantly expanding markets Civilization everywhere o Epidemic of Over ­production o Chaos and the rupture of relations of production • Modern Industry & Development of the Proletariat o Exploited by capitalists and landowners alike (alienation all the time) o Greater competition leads to increasingly precarious lives (i.e., Wal ­ Mart in rural settings) o Expansion of the proletariat into “incoherent” mass ...
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