Sep 17 - Week 3: Classical Theories of Class

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Unformatted text preview: Week 3: Classical Theories of Class Sept. 17, 2010 **Make a list of 3 ­5 status groups you belong to: 1) 2) 3) Discussion • Depending on the status we identify with, determines our… o Language + vocabulary o What we wear I.E., The status of being a University of California, Berkeley student prompts us to wear/buy/flaunt Cal gear o Where we hang out; where we go I.E., Sororities and Fraternities are selective • Social closure: do things to reinforce boundaries; stay consistent with traditions; points to sacrifice/actions lead to benefits Social Closure in Evidence • Restricted patterns of social intercourse • Sharing food and other benefits/resources • Status conventions or traditions • Monopolistic acquisition of certain economic opportunities or the avoidance of certain kinds of acquisitions Political Parties • Purpose: to struggle for domination over existing dominion the point is to DOMINATE! *Relationship between Class, Status Groups, Parties* Economic Order Social Order Legal Order ...
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