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Unformatted text preview: Week 9: Intelligence and Class Structure October 22, 2010 Critiquing H&M • Hout, “Rationing College Opportunity” o “The admissions process is not very good at predicting who deserve a chance” o 3 Experimental Studies 1. Affirmative Action program • Graduated at same rates • Earned advanced degrees • Same post ­degree earnings 2. CUNYs Switch • Did slightly better in… o Graduation o Earning advanced degrees o Increased future earnings 3. France’s 1968 Upheaval • Those admitted… o Graduates at same rates o Earned advanced degrees o Increased future earnings o Racial and ethnic inequality can largely be explained in terms of cognitive ability, which is a function of genetics and therefore heritable These differences are NOT attributable to cultural bias or differences in class background o Racial and ethnic difference in cognitive ability also explain a while host of other social problems: Unemployment; welfare; crime; middle class values; illegitimacy o …there is little that anyone can do to improve the outcomes of the most disadvantaged members of our society • Race, Genetics, and IQ o Distinguishes between two broad types of studies: Assessing the heritability of IQ Examining the effects of family environment • H&M deeply problematic data analysis o Studies provide no evidence for the genetic superiority of either race, but strong evidence for a substantial environmental contribution to the IQ gap between blacks and whites. ...
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