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oct 15 - Week 8: Durable Inequalities&...

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Unformatted text preview: Week 8: Durable Inequalities & Traditional Axes of Difference—Gender 10/15/10 The Social Construction of Gender • Doing gender o Andrew: dookie chain, playboy shirt, unshaved legs • “Sex” versus “gender” o Sex is the biological distinction between females and males Primary characteristics • Genitals, organs Secondary characteristics • Development during puberty o Not always easy to determine Olympic Medals being contested and sometimes taken away o Not always clear cut Hermaphadites, etc. o Gender is the meaning that a society attaches to being female and male. It is a social, political, and economic construct Meanings we attach to being women and men Weak, emotional, sex object, sensitive, dependant Rough, assertive, brave, dominant, active, strong ...
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