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oct 13 - Week 8: Durable Inequalities&...

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Unformatted text preview: Week 8: Durable Inequalities & Traditional Axes of Difference—Gender 10/13/10 Guest Lecture: Barrie Thorn • Movements have a way to strike a fire, then burn out, leaving some aftermaths o Women in the movements! ...But treated in a very sexist way I.e., were prompted as type ­writers, secretaries, never asked to address the public • Sexual harassment understood by women and talked about, but not defined in politics until the 1970s • Part of a groups called, Bread and Roses • Women liberation: where are the women in knowledge? • Theorizing gender; recognizing it as a social construction • Vocabulary: o Ethnographyhuman writing o Fieldwork o Participant observation studying people! • Gender as a category in which we’ve all been placed, so everyone can either be called “he” and “she” • Contaminations cuudies!, menstruation (girls) ...
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