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Unformatted text preview: Week 7: Durable Inequalities & Traditional Axes of Difference—Race Oct. 4, 2010 The Social Construction of Race • What characteristics are important to you in determining an individual’s race? o Some mentioned characteristics: Physical appearance • Hair texture • Skin color • Height • Eye color/shape Accents/ language Mannerisms/ body language • Professor Palmer showed the class 13 photos of random people and asked us to identity their race by judgment calls 1. Italian….he was Italian 2. White/ Jewish....he was Jewish 3. Latino….she was Latino 4. Muslim/Iranian….he was Turkish 5. Middle Eastern….she was Iraqi 6. African….he was Black 7. Latino….she was French 8. Latino….he was Peruvian 9. Asian….he was Chinese 10. African….she was Jamaican 11. Latino….he was Latino 12. Italian….he was Black 13. White…..he was White ...
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