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oct 1 - Week 6: Strategies for Survival ...

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Unformatted text preview: Week 6: Strategies for Survival Oct. 1, 2010 …Cont’d from Wednesday Why is Poverty a problem? • Risks of poverty vary considerably across groups o Contingent on: Race Gender Age • Causes of the “Juvenilization” of Poverty o Changes family structure and family size o Declines in parental work and earnings lost good paying jobs with good benefits o Declining government support for women and children • Poverty Rates Among U.S. Children by Family Structure o 64% of children (black) are raised in single ­ parent homes • The U.S. in Comparison o Child Poverty Rates U.S. 20.3% Germany 4.9% Sweden 3.5% Netherlands 4.0% o Poverty Rates in female ­headed families U.S. 57.9% France 19.7% Netherlands 7.9% U.K. 16.5% o With single parent families without wage earner… U.S. 95.7% social welfare system has a lot of holes Sweden 18.2% stronger welfare system that the U.S. • Child/Elderly Poverty Ratio o Up until 1970s, rates of poverty among children are increasing dramatically ...
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