Intensive examples of core sectors communications

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Unformatted text preview: rofits • Little political influence • Lots of political power • Low productivity • High productivity • Labor intensive Examples of Core Sectors • Communications, Mining, etc. Examples of Periphery Sectors • Personal services, Retails, etc. o Work Conditions Primary (core) Secondary (periphery) • Good working conditions • Poor working conditions • Employment stability • Variability in employment • Often unionized • Nonunionized • Equity+ due process • Harsh and often arbitrary discipline o Job Structures Primary (core) Secondary (periphery) • • • • Differential tasks and wage schedules Well defined career positions Opportunities for advancement • • • Restricted occupational opportunity structure Smaller range of task and wage variations Little opportunity for advancement Previous Research indicates… o The core and periphery sectors do exhibit significant differences in terms of earnings and labor force quality o Returns to education in core industries are higher than they are in periphery industries...
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