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nov 10 - Week 12: School and the Reproduction of...

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Unformatted text preview: Week 12: School and the Reproduction of Inequality November 10, 2010 Guest Speaker: Michael Hout • When we think about education, we normally thank about degrees • Role of high education in equality & power o Rank of young people o Certify fitness o Incubator Independence American universities present opportunities to other ways of thinking Networks outside the family; people that are different from you; opens up new opportunities o Temple (PRIVILEGE!!!) Legitimate knowledge know the difference between what is/is not real Advance knowledge taking concepts and applying it to today. o Hub Connect major social institutions labor force family professions Education science & healthcare science and military government • It is part of the life cycle of inequality & socioeconomic reproduction Class Destination education class origin o Class Origin Universities have – so far—neutralized rising cost with progressive financial aid Consequently, no chance in correlation between class and opportunity o Education College pays—don’t give up! Suppose supply increased, would the new students benefit? • Open Admission @ CUNY • Affirmative Action • French Students of ‘68 ...
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