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Unformatted text preview: Week 12: Schools and the Reproduction of Inequality November 8, 2010 Schooling in Capitalist America • Where are the roots in inequality to be found? o In the Capitalist System Ownership vs. labor Try to extract as much labor as possible to increase capital • What role does the school system play in the reproduction of inequality? The idea that those o Provide skills needed in the workforce Depoliticizes folks and forces us to accept the idea of ‘what it who are the smartest takes to make it’ by acquiring these skills and work the hardest Allocated in positions based on if we do/do not deserve them will succeed • What is the hierarchical division of labor crucial for understanding the reproduction of inequality? o Allows management to maximize its control over workers (more difficult to mobilize) Develop worker ­consciousness; fragments workers; jobs, responsibilities Creates coalitions • Why are personality traits (needed to reproduce the capitalist system) and forms or consciousness important to B&G? o About the harmonious integration into the capitalist system Depending on class, personality traits will differ, • I.e., the upper ­class internalize norms • What is the “legitimation hypothesis”? o Thesis states that the education system justifies the type of inequality that is seen in the meritocracy system • What is the correspondence principle? o Series of relations in the education system that mirrors the economic system ...
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