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Unformatted text preview: Week 11: Family and Community Processes November 1, 2010 Invisible Inequality: Social Class and Child Rearing in Black Families and White Families • Objectives o To show that social class des distinguish parents’ behavior and children’s daily lives o To provide a conceptual umbrella for making comparisons across race and class o To trace the relationship between class position & unequal outcomes • Data and Methodology: 3 Phases • Parenting Styles o Concerted Cultivation: parents activity foster children’s talents, opinions, skills o Accomplishment of natural growth: parents care for children and allow children to grow without continuous intervention • Differences in Parents’ Understanding of their Rules (Push to be the besto Concerted Cultivation: cultivating child’s talents, broadening world ) view o Accomplishment of Natural Growth: Providing love, food, shelter, (No specific endpoint) safety • 3 Dimensions 1. Organization of Daily Life 2. Social Ties 3. Language ...
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