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Unformatted text preview: Week 15: Consequences of Inequality November 29, 2010 Heath and Well Being • Health and Class Status o The higher one’s socioeconomic status, the lower their likelihood of experiencing life ­style o Wealthier people have increased life expectancy o Why does higher social class status lead to better health and longer life? Likely to learn new info early Greater ability to modify • Risk factors for Lifestyle ­Related Illnesses o Smoking o Diet o Inactivity o Stress o Hypertension • Health and Inequality o 3 Heart ­attack Events How class informed their heart attack experience? • Social capital • Proximity to best medical care • Amount of time to treatment and the amount of time in hospital/recovery • Relationship with doctor • Extent and nature of recovery Conclusion: class helped to define ability to change their lives. It also affected their odds of getting better. ...
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